The award winning series set in the Napoleonic Peninsular War and starring Sean Bean was co-produced for Carlton Television by Celtic/Picture Palace and directed by Tom Clegg.

Permission  kindly given by ©Carlton International and its associated companies


I was Supervising Art Director to Series Designer Andrew Mollo on the films Sharpe’s Regiment, Sharpe’s Justice, Sharpe’s Revenge and Sharpe’s Waterloo.

The brief was historical accuracy and the locations ranged from Lancashire to Turkey.

My workforce comprised of English,Turkish and Ukrainian teams.


Sharpe’s Regiment. 

In which Sharpe returns to England with Sgt.Harper on a recruitment drive, only to uncover greed and corruption within the upper echelons of the Army. They are forced to ground, re-enlisting to avoid certain death.

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The Camp

Carlton House

The Mill

The Pub



Sharpe’s Revenge.

Sharpe is accused of robbery and murder in the wake of the Battle for Toulouse.

He journeys across Europe to clear his name and be avenged on his old foe, the spy Ducos.

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Lucille’s Farm

Farm Interior




Sharpe’s Justice.

With his wife gone and war at an end, Sharpe is drafted into the militia of a northern mill owner whose liveliehood is being threatened by luddites. Sharpe’s brother proves to be their leader.

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The Town

The Wagon

The Workhouse


Sharpe’s Waterloo.

Napoleon’s army is sweeping across Belgium and Sharpe, though no longer in the British Army, answers the call to arms. Harper and he find more of their chosen men at the farm of La Haye Sainte where death waits.

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La Haye Sainte

The Yard

The Barn

The Battle