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Iíve been fortunate in being part of television and film but I also do other things as youíll see from this selection.

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(Personal Facts)

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Personal Facts

  • Invited guest at the Reception for British Design, Buckingham Palace, 2004
  • Membership Assessor for the Chartered Society of Designers 2004-5
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, 1991
  • Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, 1990
  • Member of BECTU
  • Advisory Committee for Art and Design to the Governors of Bradford and Ilkley Community College, 1977-97
  • Licentiate of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers,1968
  • Member, Society of Industrial Artists and Designers, 1976
  • Diploma in Exhibition and Interior Design, Regional College of Art, Bradford, 1968 (Foundation + 3)


  • Emmy Nomination for Art Direction : Hornblower - The Fireship. 1999
  • West Yorkshire Society of Architects Award, 1967
  • Walpamur Colour Prize, 1968
  • R.S.A. National Bursaries Commendation, 1 of 5, 1968


  • Hornblower - The Fireship. Personal Emmy Nomination for Art Direction. Best Mini-series EMMY Winner
  • Insight. BAFTA Best Special Programme Winner
  • Round the Bend. RTS Best Childrenís Programme Nomination